Remote Paging Microphone-CIP-101RM

Remote Paging Microphone-CIP-101RM


  • 7-inch true color LCD display, graphic interface and
    touch screen operation
  • High fidelity and handheld dynamic microphone
  • Multiple level indication function
  • Quick paging with manual shortcut keys
  • Built-in 3W monitoring loudspeaker for easy pre-
    listening program and intercom use
  • Built-in high fidelity AGC processing circuit with large
  • Support 100/10Mbps self-adaption TCP/IP network
    transmission protocol
  • Specification :

    AUX OUT Rated Output Voltage
    NET OUT Rated Output Voltage
    MIC input sensitivity (1V output) 50±10mV
    MIC distortion (1Kz/1V) MIC: ≤0.3%
    Effective frequency of MIC gain limit (±3dB) 100-16000Hz
    MIC Signal to Noise Ratio (30K lowpass) ≥68dB
    MIC Dynamic range ≥20dB
    AUX input sensitivity (1V output) 300±50mV
    AUX distortion (1Kz/1V) AUX≤0.3%
    AUX Signal to Noise Ratio (30K lowpass) 50-18000Hz
    AUX dynamic range ≥20dB
    Effective frequency of monitoring (talkback voice)
    gain limit (±3dB)
    80-16000 Hz
    Monitoring SNR (talkback voice) ≥65dB
    Working voltage ≥DC+14V
    Standby power consumption 7.3W
    Power Supply AC220V(±10%)/50Hz
    Overall power consumption 9.5W
    Package dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 415×280×121
    machine dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 300×160×56
    Gross weight 2.5kg
    Net Weight 1.8kg


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