PEARL 2010

PEARL 2010

With 2048 DMX channels, 4 optically isolated DMX outputs

Control of 240 independent address code of the computer lights

Built-in flash drive to accommodate: 3000 lighthouse

More than 100 performance programs

External removable memory card

With theater and playback functions

Built-in graphics effect generator, user friendly effect of the control of the computer lights, such as round, wave brightness changes a variety of effects, supports graphics overlay, deformation and expansion effects

You can use the USB disk to store multiple user performance files and system back up, the latest light library file or console software downloaded by the U disk loaded to the console

Chase program music trigger function

Power: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz

Net Weight: 24kg

Gross Weight: 42.5Kg

Product size: 75cm x 63cm x 17cm


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