• Patent appearance design, high-end and solemn
  • Luminous design for ON/OFF button
  • With volume adjustment key on the panel.
  • OLED display microphone ID, battery level, microphone state, control channel, etc
  • Advanced circuit design, anti-interference
  • Operation distance up to 100 meters with the best condition, 60 meters in normal condition
  • Microphones can be operated on either their builtin rechargeable batteries, Battery life approx.
    8 hours during speech and approx. 12 hours when standby.
  • Equipped with 3 function keys to set microphone id, control channel
  • Microphone will shut off the power or in standby if receiver power off
  • Chairman microphone can turn on any time
  • strong>Specification :

    Working Voltage DC 3.7V -- 4.5V
    Consumption Rating Standby:≦350Mw, Standby:≦350mW
    Speaking ≦620mW
    Display 128x32 PMOLED
    Operating temperature range -9℃ -- 40℃
    Size(L×W×H) 184×124×49mm
    Weight 0.6 kg
    Audio Channel:
    Transmission method UHF Wireless(one way)
    Audio channel 4
    Carrier frequency band UHF512-945 MHz
    Modulation method FM
    Receiving sensitivity -90dBm
    Maximum modulation 60K
    Radiant power ≦+9dBm
    Frequency deviation <0.002
    Data control channel:
    Transmission method UHF Wireless(two way)
    Data channel 20
    Frequency range UHF423-436 MHz
    Modulation method FSK
    Receiving sensitivity -90dBm
    Transmission consumption ≦+7dBm
    Frequency deviation <0.003
    Communication rate 110KBPS


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