• Adapting digital technology, embedded high performance CPU, support discussing function
  • Support Mode: FIFO (1/2/3/4), Chairman Only, microphones in one system up to 200 units, 4
    microphones can be turned on at the same time., No limit on the number of Chairmen
  • Wireless communication system eliminates the need of connecting the conference units.
    Installation can be done quick and smart without cumbersome arrangements
  • System can be set by PC, main controller and computer can be connected by USB
  • Operation distance up to 100 meters with the best condition, 60 meters in normal condition
  • Specification :

    Power supply DC12V
    Consumption Rating < 7.2W
    Size(L×W×H) 483mm×323mmx90mm
    Weight 6.0 kg
    Audio Channel:
    Transmission method UHF Wireless(one way)
    Audio channel 4
    Carrier frequency band UHF512-945 MHz
    Modulation method FM
    Receiving sensitivity -90dBm
    Data control channel:
    Transmission method UHF Wireless(two way)
    Data channel 20
    Frequency range UHF423-436 MHz
    Modulation method FSK
    Receiving sensitivity -90dBm
    Transmission consumption ≦+7dBm
    Frequency deviation <0.003
    Communication rate 110KBPS
    Audio signal receivinginterface BNC x2
    Data signal interface TNC x1
    Audio output 6.3mm x1 XLR x1


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