CKC-F660-D Fully Digital Networked DSP Conference Procesor for wired units

CKC-F660-D Fully Digital Networked DSP Conference Procesor for wired units


  • The unique AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology achieve full-digital signal transmission and processing
  • One CAT5e cable to transmit up 64 channels audio and other signals.
  • All microphone units support audio, ID independent output. Working with voice recognition system to achieve voice role separation.
  • “Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network” connection makes the system always working perfectly no matter changing discussion unit or having any malfunctioned units
  • The sensitivity of the unit microphone and 8 segment equalizer EQ adjusted independently.
  • Conference controller can output 16 segment equalized EQ to achieve sound field adjustment; pressure limit, which can recognize the noise gate passed by human voice. AGC automatic volume gain control; AFC automatic feedback suppression and auto-mix technology.
  • Echo cancellation, remote two-way real-time call with another conference controller or another third-party video conferencing terminal.
  • USB recording, controller monitor, advanced noise cancellation technology to realize clearer recording.
  • System date, time management, and support count-down speech.
  • Optional DANTE output module with other DANTE equipment used.
  • Can drive 2x120W POE speaker, through extension main unit, support up to 16 POE speakers.



Power 100V / 240V AC
Static power consumption 12W
Maximum power consumption 150W
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Noise ratio (S / N)> 80dB
Total harmonic distortion <0.05% Channel Crosstalk> 80dB
Dimensions (mm) 483L x 260W x43.6H
Black color



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  • Compliance with IEC 60914, GBT 15381-94
  • Connect with CKS-EXU full-digital extension main unit, it can expand to 5200 discussion units
  • “Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network” connection and the system assigned to each unit independently ID to avoid ID conflict.
  • Only wired discussion units can connect to the controller, fast and easily to adding delegate of meetings.
  • 2 channel audio input, XLR or RCA type, for local audio input or remote video-conferencing input.
  • Maximum 8-channel audio output, XLR, RCA or Phoenix type, can be connected to simultaneous interpretation output or partitioned output.
  • Add the audio input box, the system can be connected to other condenser microphones or dynamic microphones, more choices for users.
  • Built-in multi-way internal communication function
  • TCP/IP connection between controller and PC
  • RS232 central control, realize microphone switch, priority, volume and other controls.
  • RS232 or RS485 to send the PELCO/VISCA protocol to realize camera auto-tracking function.
  • Hot plug-and-play, and auto-recovery function.
  • Wide range of voltage from 100V~240VAC

Control & Indicators
LCD display to show all the operations and results
4-Way button for menu operate
One-button press to start recording
light indicator
Master volume control knob